Technology and software has replaced many of our daily appliances with applications. By now we can carry a calculator, phone, notepad, address book, calendar, and a music system all in a single device which conveniently fits in our pockets. Not only do the applications entertain us and help us communicate but they help save us precious time. Our cell-phones and tablets have replaced most of our chores by half, even a simple application such as emailing saves us trips to the post office. Promobi Technologies aims to help you utilize your time most efficiently and save costs and time on tedious tasks, one app at a time. The following are some of our in-house products and customized solutions for clients:

Solutions Delivered Successfully

In-House Products

MobiLock is an app which locks down any Android device into Kiosk mode. It disables the home screen replacing it with a customized one, and allows access to the only admin authorized applications. It can be applied for personal usage to protect private data on the phone or parental control. It can also be applied for business purposes such as company owned devices given to field force.
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With EasySurvey transform your Android device into feedback collecting tool. The Kiosk mode lockdown provides a password protected exit and settings for the app. The app has customizable questions with multiple options for input and a summary provided at the end.
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A digital signage system for every business. This is a web application which has a dedicated admin panel allowing you to create and manage multiple screens from a remote/single location. There is no additional hardware needed for this system as the presentation runs via a browser. Customization includes creative use of images, YouTube videos, and text editor support. The easy-to-use signage system has multiple applications in fields of advertising, retail, fast-food chains and more.
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MobiLock Pro
MobiLock Pro provides a web based admin panel to remotely monitor & manage multiple devices running MobiLock. It enables you to remotely block/unblock application, set a default app, and create a controlled browser via shortcuts, custom branding and device location tracking. MobiLock Pro is highly useful for any industry endowing employees with company owned devices, especially the field force.
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Client Projects

GeoSilver is a remote patient tracking & monitoring system on Android which uses geolocation and geofencing to keep a track of the patients via their devices. It works in dynamic Kiosk mode lockdown on patient’s devices to simplify them. Monitoring dashboard is accessible for caregivers, with support for multi-patients and multi-caregivers.

Security of data is an utmost concern for companies, especially while sharing the data within the company. Avaamo is a simple, secure business messaging service which encrypts all messages and enables you to send messages with a self-destruct timer. It supports one-to-one and group messaging options, which support deep linking of documents, business emojis, voice memos and granular visibility on read messages and time-stamp on reply. You can also send directions for business meetings via Avaamo. The app guarantees delivery with sub-second latency.

Joey Phone
The app uses Kiosk lockdown mode to turn your Android phone into a kid’s phone with parental control. It disables the native home screen and allows you to authorize specific apps. The app also lets you block incoming SMS, and manage calls. The app enables you to keep a check on the device location as well.

This is an app created for a German health insurance company to search doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. It also shows current promotions and news with FAQ’s about insurance protection.

My Best Place
A digital address book which lets you carry complete profiles of your favorite places with complete info and contact detail. The app also lets you create your own personal space. You can mark favorites, create galleries and share with friends. Also search places via geolocation and message friends to make appointments or get urgent advice. You can choose to receive updates on all news, discounts, promotions and events on your favorite places.

Naki iPhone
An innovative, tech-based laundry service which saves your time. The service provides pick up & drop at your door, at your chosen delivery timings.

Post Card Pro
An app that prints and delivers your Amsterdam photos with original tagline of I Amsterdam, as real postcards! No need to run to the post office anymore, or hassle with stamps, just click, edit and send! The service delivers anywhere around the world and lets you track the postcard via mail.

Mobiles 24
Get a vast collection of HD wallpapers, free ringtones, notification sounds & alert tones uniquely optimized for Android devices. New content is added daily to the app and you can browse popular, most liked and recent downloads. The app also let you add downloads to favorites, sync favorites to your account to access from multiple devices, and share with friends.

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Written by: Dipika Asnani, Digital Marketing & Content Writer at Promobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.