With the successful progress of the MobiLock Pro app and the positive response from its users, and with serving multiple industries, we have been coming across many interesting use cases and client requirements. So, we have continued to further enhance the product.

MobiLock Pro’s main aim is to remotely manage applications from a cloud based admin dashboard, including blocking/unblocking applications, reordering apps and setting a default application to automatically run all the time. The app does so by replacing the home screen with a custom screen and branding, only displaying applications and websites that are authorized. Selected websites are displayed via shortcuts on the desktop. The settings and exit of the app from the device are password protected. By the multiple requests received we have begun working on some select new features to improve customer experience.

MobiLock Pro New Features:

Lock/Unlock device

You can now remotely lock or unlock the device from the admin dashboard. Once the device is locked, it would automatically be in Kiosk mode, running the MobiLock Pro custom home screen. And similarly the kiosk mode can be disabled from the admin dashboard.

Clear Data:

The clear data option allows you to remove the following items from the device SD card remotely: Photos/Images, videos, and audio files stored in gallery, from all or selected devices. This saves your effort to go to each of the devices and do it manually. And it is a bliss when your devices are with your sales force and out in the remote locations.

Copy Settings:

This feature proves to be extremely time efficient, by allowing you to copy pre-selected settings from one device to another, including blocked/unblocked applications, visibility of apps, default app, exit passcode, default action and default action delay. Here you can select to copy the settings from a single device to multiple devices, this way you only have to edit the settings once and copy to the rest. You can also choose to display all devices, or locked/locked devices only, or devices with low battery, further simplifying the selection process.

Device Profiles:

Device profiles feature allows you to create and save a unique profile with selected apps, selected websites (website shortcuts) and a specific branding configured by you, this profile can then be directly applied to any device(s). Thus the same profile can simultaneously be applied to multiple devices and is saved for further use.

Send Alarm:

You can remotely send an alarm to any connected device to ring instantly. This could serve as a reminder for any task or simply to locate the phone.

One Way Message:

MobiLock Pro now allows the admin to send a message to any device(s) from the admin dashboard directly. And yes, there is dedicated screen inside MobiLock where the user can read the recent messages upto some time period. So, the user can still go back to check the message in case he/she forgets.

Device Admins:

You can now choose to have multiple admins of the same device on MobiLock Pro. This means, more than one person can remotely control the branding and app settings of the device.

We hope to continue to meet our clients’ expectations and improve MobiLock Pro for a smooth and satisfying experience. We will strive to work hard to steadily update our feature-set according to our customers’ use cases and requests. We will keep you updated with the new changes and updates we make. If you haven’t already, sign up for our one month completely free trial on * https://mobilock.in.

Written By: Dipika Asnani - Content Writing & Digital Marketing @ Promobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.