Teaching has never merely been a job, but an art form. For it is upon the shoulders of our teachers to build the future of the world through the youth. We as humans are susceptible at all stages of our lives; we learn our habits through books, movies, and most importantly other people. As we grow older, we become less prone to drastic changes in our personalities; children, however, are highly impressionable. This is the reason teachers are always on the search of new methods of teaching and guiding. Lately, many schools and teachers have adapted to the use of technology in their classrooms, with the use of tablets on a popular rise.

There are many benefits along with drawbacks for the use of tablets in classrooms. Nevertheless, the impact has proven to be rather significant. The effect of introducing technology in classrooms is not so much on the older students, as most kids by middle school are already using such equipment at home, but rather on elementary kids. The benefits include an enhanced independent learning system, better motivation and engagement from students, and improved collaboration and communication between peers and their teachers. The early introduction to technology at a tender age also comes with some major concerns for both parents and teachers. While a lot of useful knowledge can be shared via the internet, it is also a source of vast inappropriate content for a child of less than 11 years, and can also pertain to many distractions. However, there is a simple solution to these issues, read to the end to find out.

Benefits to an Early Introduction to Technology

Helps build IT skills and make children more tech-savvy.

Enhances Independent Learning

  • Teachers are meant to facilitate learning and guide students, rather than instruct.
  • Instills problem solving skills at an early age, via research and online tutorials.
  • All children learn at their own pace, with all the material available on a tablet, students can go over notes, lessons, and activities at their own time.
  • Teaching methods can be modified as per the individual (or group) students learning abilities.

Increases Motivation and Engagement

  • Tablets can hold more engaging (colorful and graphic) content as compared to chalk/white boards.
  • Interactive learning methods can be used.
  • The content is easier to follow, especially for a students with special needs.
  • Interactive and interesting content is not only engaging, but assists learning with helpful diagrams and graphics, and is also proven to be more memorable.

Encourages Collaboration & Communication

  • Encourages students to connect with classmates at an early age, improving communication skills and benefiting from friendships.
  • Students can share information easily with peers for homework, projects or group assignments.
  • Allows teachers to reply immediately to a students need or query.
  • With a mobile tablet, teachers no longer need to stand in front of the classroom and can move around to monitor students one-to-one. This enables them to be more helpful to students rather than only instruct.

Naturally, where there are benefits to an early introduction to technology, there are also concerns. Luckily, none of these are issues which cannot be curbed.

Parental Concerns

  • Access to inappropriate content online.
  • Addiction and loss of time management.
  • Loss of interest in other outdoor or indoor activities, such as sports, art or music.

Teacher’s Concerns

  • Distractions such as social media, games, etc.
  • Reduced Productivity.
  • In-case devices are owned by the school, risk of collateral damage.
  • Loss or theft of school owned devices.

As we were saying, these are some serious drawbacks, but they do not outweigh the benefits. Neverthless, we know a way these issues can be completely avoided. MobiLock Pro is an application which turns Android devices into Kiosk mode, replacing the home screen with a customized one, and allows the teachers to monitor the applications running on all tablets.

Issues Solved with MobiLock Pro

  • Controlled Browser via Shortcuts: Only specific websites would be allowed on the tablets, therefore restricting access to inappropriate sites.
  • Applications such as social media and games can be remotely blocked by the teacher/parent whenever pleased.
  • Blocking of applications by teachers also avoids distractions in the classroom, allowing only specific applications which focus on enhanced learning.
  • Settings can be blocked, avoiding collateral damage or roll-back of tablets. Custom branding of the school can be deployed on all tablets.
  • Overall control of tablets in hands of the teacher, allowing them to block/unblock applications and set default applications on the tablet and constantly monitor the tablets.
  • Mobilock Pro is built with a GPS tracker in case of loss or theft of a device.

Combining the use of MobiLock Pro with the use of innovative technology in the classroom, teachers have found a new form of pedagogy, one filled with benefits.

Written by: Dipika Ansnani. Marketing & Content Writing for Promobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.