Benefits of a Kiosk Management System

Many businesses with a sizable field force provide their employees with company-owned devices, such as Android tablets. This is quite a substantial cost to the company, because not only do they bear the cost of the device but also the maintenance, data charges and the loss/theft of a device. It is a risk that the company is willing to take to add value to their business via latest technology and solutions. To ensure that the usage and investment of such devices is justified, Promobi Technologies introduces KMS – Kiosk Management System.

A Kiosk Management System is one which allows multiple devices to run in Kiosk mode, or lockdown mode. Allow only your business specific apps to be displayed on the tablet/phone and restrict others, such as social apps, video apps, games or Google PlayStore. All of your devices can be easily monitored and managed remotely from a cloud based admin panel. MobiLock Pro is the first product under KMS, which enables the company to focus all devices strictly on their business needs, thus adding value to investment and helping save costs significantly. (Read more about KMS)

Benefits & Solutions of MobiLock Pro:

Reduces Data Costs:

Recent market studies say, more than a significant number of companies spend above a lakh a month on data plans (mobile internet) for smart phones/tablets provided to their field force. Since there is no way to constantly monitor the employees or devices, the company is automatically bearing the cost of personal data usage, such as downloads, Internet Browsing, Social Media, and live streaming/YouTube.

By restricting use of third party applications which are data consuming, companies will be able to drop their current data plans resulting in cost savings of up to 30%.

Cuts Maintenance Costs:

Companies also have to bear costs of any collateral damage to the device, often caused when employees tamper with the settings or download suspicious software.

MobiLock allows you to lockdown devices in Kiosk mode with a password, so employees cannot access settings or new downloads, thus avoiding maintenance costs.

Benefit from Real Time Location Tracking:

In case a device is lost, misplaced, or stolen the company must bear the cost. Additionally it is a risk to the business if any official data was stored on the missing device.

MobiLock’s GPS tracking comes in handy for multiple reasons, especially upon loss/theft of a device, as it lets a company track down lost devices. Additionally, an employee’s whereabouts can be tracked to verify conveyance claims.

The GPS option also helps optimize time. For example, if a new task has come up in a certain location, the admin can check the location of all agents on field, and send the nearest one to the assigned task location. This helps optimize manpower usage, conveyance costs and time.

Improves Productivity:

A generous amount of an on field employee’s time is spent on breaks and other distractions, such as social media. This is an overall decrease in productivity for the employee and the business.

MobiLock allows you to block applications such as social media and games to eliminate any/all possible distractions.

Adds Value Towards Investment:

The investments made on such devices, are not being utilized for their rightful purpose if employees squander time on other distractions.

Add value towards investment of devices by focusing them solely towards the business needs.

Improves Brand Perception:

In this era of technology, businesses must do their best to keep up with their audience. The competition in every market is cut throat, and to stay on top, businesses spend extravagant amounts on branding.

MobiLock provides you with the latest tech solutions for your business. Additionally, it lets you personalize devices with your brand name, logo, brand colors and wallpaper. When your field force endorses the brand, it helps to build a customer’s trust and the visual branding leaves a lasting impression.

Remote Management:

Most importantly, it is nearly impossible to manage such a large no. of devices individually.

MobiLock’s cloud based admin panel allows you to manage and monitor devices remotely.

Learn more about MobiLock Pro or sign up for a free trial (here).

Written by: Dipika Asnani, in charge of Marketing and Content Writing at Promobi Technologies.