“MobiLock is a very useful app, the features match our requirements for our baliBom education suitcases. Is there a backend to remotely manage the devices?” A very valid question asked by our MobiLock customers, Vincent Juan from France. Why, yes, of course, we do have a backend. MobiLock Pro is meant for companies which need to run the MobiLock app on multiple devices, giving them control of the devices from a single remote console. It was previously a rather large risk for business owners who entrusted their employees with company-owned devices. Today, it can be considered more of an investment, because MobiLock Pro gives them the security they need along with multiple other benefits.

The Kiosk Lockdown mode is obviously the most important feature, so let’s begin with that. This feature disables the regular home screen on a device, and replaces it with a much simpler screen displaying only selected icons of applications (Apps). This simplifies the device to serve only its specified purpose.

Blocking Applications is another main feature that goes hand in hand with the Kiosk Mode. Kiosk made basically means that only certain applications are permitted. Blocking apps such as games, Internet, and the Play store firstly eliminates all distractions on an employee’s device. Furthermore, blocking apps such as Social Media and preventing new downloads can help reduce data charges. Restricting downloads also helps keep the device secure (avoids malware) and clean. Blocking access to settings ensures that the user isn’t tampering with the device system. MobiLock Pro also lets you set a single default app which runs automatically when MobiLock is launched.

In addition to blocking applications, MobiLock Pro gives you a controlled browser. The browser is an app, therefore it can be blocked or unblocked. However, what if you want to authorize only specific websites? Mobilock Pro enables you to create shortcuts of the links you’d like to allow, on the device home screen. Once opened, the URL of the link cannot be modified, thus creating a controlled browser.

Companies have devices in hundreds which are handed out to employees, and it becomes a tedious task to handle each one’s settings and updates. MobiLock Pro provides a remote admin dashboard to manage applications and access control on all devices. The admin dashboard is cloud based which allows you to manage devices anywhere in the world. All updates of MobiLock are also done automatically as it is based on our server.

While building the app we already knew some employees will try to switch off or modify the settings of MobiLock, therefore it is password protected. The password is set by the admin and can be changed remotely. The user cannot exit the kiosk mode or try to authorize/unauthorize applications without the password.

An employer’s biggest nightmare when trusting his employees with company-owned devices is having to bear the cost in case the employee loses or misplaces it. Therefore, we have integrated a location tracker in the app itself. MobiLock uses the GPS on the phone and tracks the device on a map on the admin panel. The application sends the location of the device at intervals of 15 minutes. This is especially beneficial for field force employees; so the employer can keep a track of the employee’s whereabouts, distance covered, and validate conveyance claims if any.

There is a reason why companies spend a hefty amount just on branding; starting from neck tags, to diaries and even clothing. Visual branding leaves a lasting impression on any person. When an employee wears his/her company branding, it shows the pride, trust, and dedication they have towards their company. This helps build the consumer’s trust as well. MobiLock Pro allows you to add custom branding to the device as per your requirements. You can set your own logo and change the background color and app names.

We would love to hear any other features you’d like to suggest for MobiLock Pro!
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Written by: Dipika Asnani, in charge of Marketing and Content Writing at Promobi Technologies.