Data privacy and security is every company’s utmost concern. Most businesses endow their employees with company owned devices which are to be used for various purposes. They must be ready to bear the costs for any damage caused to the device in terms of both hardware and software. Companies also take the risk that the employee would be using the device for their professional use as well as personal. However, this need not be the case anymore. Promobi’s MobiLock application turns any android device into Kiosk mode by locking down the home screen and allowing only specific applications to run (read more here). However, for establishments with over a 100 employees using this feature on their device, this becomes tedious to manage manually. Promobi Technologies introduces MobiLock Pro, an extended and advanced version of MobiLock with an admin panel which can manage and monitor the MobiLock application on devices remotely.


1. Remote Monitoring:
Using the cloud based admin panel remotely monitor the devices associated with the account; whether they are in locked (MobiLock activated) or in unlocked Mode, manage applications and track location.

2. Remote Management of applications:
Remotely block/unblock applications on the device. Bulk actions allow you to block/unblock more than one application at a time. You can also set a single default application which runs automatically when MobiLock Pro is launched.

3. Controlled Browser
MobiLock Pro lets you block/unblock the browser based on your requirements. However, if you want to authorize only certain websites, MobiLock Pro allows you to create a shortcut of the website on the desktop. Once opened, the URL of the site cannot be modified, thus allowing only specific websites.

4. Track via GPS:
MobiLock Pro allows you to track all your devices in real-time, and a record is maintained with a location update of the device at 15 minute intervals. You can set geo-fences to receive alerts on the device entering and exiting the fences. The admin can track the location of the device, calculate the distance traveled, and ensure claimed conveyance charges are correct in case of any.

5. Password Protected:
Exiting the kiosk mode and modifying authorized applications are password protected.

6. Customize according to your brand
You can change the brand name, brand logo and color of bar which will appear at the top of every device

Benefits of MobiLock Pro:

Create a secure area for your Android mobiles and tablets. Any data on the device can be protected by restricting access to data files on the device. The device’s functions are replaced by a single home screen with only specified applications.

Improve employees time efficiency:
Blocking access to unnecessary apps such as, games, install apps or internet browser will avoid distractions for the employee, improving their time efficiency.

Improve brand perception:
MobiLock Pro lets you create personalized custom branding once and deploy it on all devices. An employee seen endorsing their company’s branding improves a customer’s brand perception and the visual element leaves a lasting impression.

The Geotracking option implemented with MobiLock Pro will allow the admin to see where exactly the employee is, and keep a location track on the device in case it is misplaced or stolen.

Cut Costs:
MobiLock Pro allows only specified applications and blocks the Andorid native home screen, other applications, and the settings. Companies can cut down on software maintenance costs by restricting employees from settings. Applications which might consume more internet data, such as social media or live streaming, can also be restricted to avoid unnecessary data charges.

Reduce additional hardware costs:
Instead of purchasing a device to run different applications, an android device can be used for multiple purposes. Since applications can be blocked and unblocked, the same device can serve as a feedback collector one day and for a presentation the next. Android devices are also readily available in a wide range of pricing, which can be selected according to your budget.

MobiLock Pro is a basic and simple version of MobiLock with a dashboard for remote access. We can also customize this application according to your needs. We can also create any application you require to run with MobiLock for you.

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Written by:
Dipika Asnani, in charge of Marketing and Content Writing at Promobi Technologies.